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Microsoft office setup

Microsoft office setup - Office setup 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft which can be downloaded from www.office.com/setup. Get your office in just 3 steps : 1. visit office.com/setup and sing in, 2. enter office setup product key, 3. download office setup.

What is Microsoft Office?

With Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft provides you set of applications to complete different tasks from time to time. The included applications are perfect for everyone and made specifically for enhancing the work speed of the users. Different suites are for students, individuals, and professionals, respectively. The price of Microsoft Office suite is based on the applications as well. It is easy to take a backup of your data with the use of Microsoft's cloud service. The safety of your data is not a matter of concern after you back it up. Choose the best Microsoft Office product for you from www.office.com/setup.

What is office setup product key?

Office Product key is an alphanumeric 25 digit code. It can be found on the backside of the card if you have purchased Microsoft Office from the store. But for online purchase users can find their product key in the registered email address.

How to install Microsoft office?

  1. Go to the Office page of your account; office.com/setup login or www.office.com/setup this takes you to the page with the purchase of the Office suite.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Click Install once more to initiate Office installation file downloading.
  4. Those who have bought the version for the student do not need to go through this step.
  5. On the Office installation file in the default computer download location or any location that you selected when initiating the download in step (iii) above, double-click
  6. When prompted, click yes. This will launch the installation file and start setting up Office on your computer.
  7. You should give time for the installation of Microsoft office setup to complete. viii. A prompt then appears, on which you should click Close. Your Microsoft Office programs have already been set up on your computer and you can start using it away.

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